Friday, June 6, 2008

Overheard This Week

Overheard at the table next to mine at a mexican restaurant this week: "He's cute. I hope he sticks his finger in my salsa dip"


City Workers In Alabama Told To Work 4 Day Because of Gas

Fox News reports "A new plan in Birmingham, Ala., will roll back work weeks for city employees to four days a week, an initiative that is expected to save the city's 4,000 commuters tens of thousands of dollars a year"

I have been a long time advocate of a four day work week. I think people would be more productive with a three day weekend to take care of personal items and relax. One could stagger employees letting some have off on Monday and others on Friday. Some might even like a mid-week break on Wednesday. I would increase the work day to 9 hours a day instad of the traditional 8.

Maybe someday a system like this can be worked out. It may be sooner than we all think.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Myanmar - A Case For Military Intervention

I cannot believe the world is letting a couple generals in Myanmar stand by in luxury while millions are displaced, sick, injured and hurt. Now the U.S. Navy is leaving after 15 attempts to deliver much needed supplies. I am not for military intervention in a country that is not a threat to the U.S., however in this case I am not so sure military force isn't an option. I am sure the 31st MEU led by the USS Essex could easily handle the job of securing the leadership until the job is done. But we will respect the rights of the military junta who live in luxury palaces while the rest of the country suffers............ hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

Interstate BBQ in Memphis TN

Occasionally I get the urge for some really really really good, and I mean damn good, mouth watering, over the top barbecue. When that happens there is only one solution. ROAD TRIP to Memphis TN and Jim Neely's Interstate Barbecue. This is a relative of the Neely's on Food Channel and in my opinion much much better. Jim Neely is a very likable man who obviously enjoys what he does and loves to sit down and talk with his patrons.

It is a 10 hour round trip from where I live in western Kentucky to Memphis..... but it is well worth it. If you find yourself in Memphis with some time to spare be sure and go to Interstate Barbecue at 2265 South 3rd Street..... you won't regret it.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As an avid barbecue fan and avid meat eater I must say one of the latest ads from PETA actually whets my appitite a little more. I find it funny that an organization would use naked women and sexually suggestive poses to get their message across. Imagine the outcry if the "Beef, it's whats for supper" line by Sam Elliot had the same photo as the one below which is credited to

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sitting Under The Tree

Kentucky never seems to have a spring season. If it does it only lasts a week or so. We are in the 40's and 50's the first part of May and 95 with 90 percent humidity today. On a hot evening there isn't anything better than sitting under the tree with your sweetie drinking a cold iced tea. Greetings from under my tree in Kentucky.......