Friday, July 11, 2008

C.C. Deville - Life Changes

C. C. DeVille. Lead guitar for Poison. Iconic guitar player. Flamboyant to the extreme. User of mass amounts of hair spray. Follower of Christ. That's right............ you heard correctly. In a day when it seems so many in the church are pointing their fingers at people and making judgements and proclaiming others to be unfit, Christ himself appears in a place where most "traditional" Christians wouldn't be found dead.

But then again, Jesus always went against the flow of the religious people. Imagine the surprise when Pete Wilson, the pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN got a call from C.C. DeVille asking for advice and inviting him to a Poison concert. You see, C.C. DeVille has proclaimed his faith in Christ. Visit Pete Wilson's blog at WithoutWax.TV to read this incredible story and watch the video.

To you C.C. DeVille - God bless you. Your courage to proclaim your faith is and inspiration.
To you Pete Wilson - Good for you in letting yourself be available to C.C. DeVille and not automatically condemning him for he is or was.
To you Jesus Christ - Your grace is never ending and your love unimaginable.

Congrats to C.C. - May God richly bless you and those around you.

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