Monday, July 14, 2008

When Air Travel Had Class

What has happened to air travel? What I really mean to say is what has happened to air travelers? Putting aside all the added security procedures at airports, I wonder what has happened to the experience of traveling by airline.

I remember as a child flying from New York to Milan on a TWA 707 - To this day, almost 45 years later I can remember the people dressed in suits and ties and dresses. Men and women dressed up when they took to the skies. It was a special event. I suppose air travel has become so commonplace that we take for granted. I recently took a trip to Las Vegas and on the return trip I sat behind a young man in sweat pants, flip flots and a t-shirt. It just didn't seem right. It seems like more and more when you look around the airport you see people who looked like they just rolled out of bed.

How about an "air travel dress code"? Men in suites and tie. Women in dresses with pearl necklace and white gloves. HHHMMmmmmmmmmmmm I know I know. Just dreaming.

In my opinion TWA was the pinnacle of class in air travel.

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