Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kentucky Ice Storm Photos - Jan Feb 2008

Here are some photos from the recent ice storm that hit kentucky........ 9 days without electricity and 4 of those days with total power and telecomm infrastructure lapse......... 26 dead in Kentucky and everyone asking "Where's Obama"??????

It has been 14 days today since the storm and still about half of the population of the rural areas are still without power. The photos don't really do justice to the amount of devastation that occurred. My family was one of the fortunate ones. We only went 9 days without electricity. We managed to stay warm because of a wood burning stove in our family room. We had 6 people living in one room heated by fire in the stove. We also had gas stove for cooking and gas water heater so no cold water. We burnt a lot of wood though, especially on the nights when the temp hit 3 degrees. We lived by candle light and no tv, no internet, no phones most of the time.

There have been some tragic stories and stories of compassion and kindness displayed by many. For the first time I saw people standing in along the street clapping and cheering when on day 4 trucks from electric companies in other states started rolling in and setting up to work. I have to take my hat off to all those who came to our aid and are still working here. The death toll in KY is now at 26 with the latest being here in our area where a fire broke out because of a propane heater being used and a women died in the fire. Probably the most heartbreaking story was of an 84 year old man near here in White Plains that was found 5 days after the storm dead and hugging his hot water heater in an apparent attempt to stay warm. I have seen people share what the had and many share what they really couldnt share. It is amazing how people bond in moments of extreme hardship. It allows me to believe that there is still some humanity left.

As I get more photos I will post them. Say a prayer for those without power......... last week people were freezing to death and tonite we are under a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch.......just what we need.

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