Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Progressive Music

If you were a teenager in the mid 1970's and you weren't into disco then you may be remember a genre of music that was labeled as "progressive". You usually found these progessive music stations up at the upper end of the FM dial around 104 to 107. You could easily identify these stations with the 15 minute instrument rock songs heavy with keyboard and synth. Usually the DJ spoke with a low voice (probably higher than a kite of the truth were known) but it was rare that the dj spoke. A single musical set could last an hour at a time and there were very few commercials.

Tonite I am having some serious flashbacks as I have found a station on WinAmp that is as progressive as they come. It is called Stellar Attraction and their website is, you guessed it,

I have my headphones on and I am taken back to 1975, sitting on my red bean bag chair with my ear covering individually volume and tone controlled Sony headphones, lost in another world. My room was often lit by either a blacklight or a large red globe light I had hanging over my bed. Yes I was the perfect 1970's "head". So here I am now at 49 years old with my modern earbuds in listening to those familiar progressive bands like Tibet, Caravan, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd and others.

I have always had an appreciation for music. That is one of my lifes disappointments. I have always wanted to be a musician among other things. I have played some guitar and took piano lessons for a couple years. But I suppose I am a perfectionist and if I cant get it perfect then I dont want to do it at all.

So tonite I am taken back in time to a world where there was no stress, no worries, just endless nights of teenage mind tripping to the songs and music of the minstrels of the day. Very cool

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