Friday, July 4, 2008

Two New Blogs From Japan Added To My Favorites

I have added two new blogs to my list of favorites. Both blogs come out of Japan and both give a great view of life in that wonderful country.

Neil Duckett is an Australian living in Japan giving blogging about life as a Gaijin in Japan. Neil provides us with a great view of life in a country other than our native one with all the differences one can encounter.

I Rub Your Brog is a blog by a 38 year old male (nationality unknown) who also provides insight into life in Japan. Here is what he says in his user profile: "I Rub Your Brog is a visual narrative of life and the music scene in and around Tokyo.."

Take some time to check in on these two periodically. They make for a great read and before you know it an hour will have gone by.

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Jamaipanese said...

those are two great blogs.

Please check out mine as well if you wish.