Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wal-Mart Worker Trampled To Death on Black Friday Sale

Should Wally World be held responsible for the death of this employee during a "black Friday" sale? I suppose in today's society we should come to expect something like this when materialism and greed take over the Christmas season. Actually I blame all the major retailers for this. They start weeks in advance getting people excited and worked up about big sales just so they can make that almighty dollar. Like the billions they earn already is not enough.

God forbid black Friday sales were ever canceled. This is just another reason I have become so dissatisfied with the Christmas season. I long for the simple holidays of my youth. I was a military brat and spent my childhood in Italy and Germany. Back then Christmas meant a lot more and I don't remember the frenzy and the craziness that we see today. It was a quiet time of reflection and family.

My wife wonders why I feel like I do. I guess a lot of my friends wonder the same thing. I really think those involved in the death of this individual at WM and those that reacted so terribly when the store tried to close do to this incident, need to take a long inward look at their lives. I certainly am not perfect and would never dare to point an accusatory finger at someone but this goes way over the line.

Let's hope nothing more like this happens........... hope against hope.

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