Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exotic Airlines and Exotic Destinations

I have been very fortunate to travel around the world quite a few times. At 49 years old, I am still like a little kid when I know I am going to fly. As an avid airline traveler I have come to appreciate certain airlines for certain destinations as not just a flight to a destination but an experience to be thoroughly savored and enjoyed. Here is my list of airline and destination matchups, most of which I have experienced.

  • Cathay Pacific into Hong Kong
  • TWA into Milan
  • Varig into Rio de Janerio
  • British Airways into London
  • Swiss Air into Geneva
  • Qantas into Perth
  • Lufthansa into Munich
  • Singapore Airlines into Changi
  • Pan Am into Buenes Aires
If you have ever flown on any of these combinations you know what I mean. Keep the flip flops and sweat suits to Southwest Airlines. For class travel go with one of these listed airlines.

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